Friday, May 16, 2014

Electric Panels - Why Your Older Home Needs An Update

Is your home constantly blowing fuses or tripping the breaker? Are the lights flickering more than they should or appliances don't seem to run as well as they could? If so, it's probably about time for an update on your electric panels.
I'm going to guess you love your family and your home, and you want it to be the best it can be. But sometimes homes run at a less-than-the-best capacity.
Now let's say you just bought an older home. Sure, it has charm, but in the renovation process you discover, much to your dismay, the wiring system is ancient and some of the wires are even stripped! If this happens, you can't afford to wait another moment to upgrade. A faulty wiring system can be a tremendous fire hazard and even cause electrocution.
Technological advances in electricity have changed the picture a great deal. Thomas Edison wouldn't believe what can be done with it today! But to keep up with the times, it's vital you keep your electric panels current.
Nowadays we have invested our hard-earned money in appliances, which were never heard of thirty years ago when the original electric panels were installed in most homes. Inventions like computers, surround-sound systems and home theaters are common in most households. Even up-to-date refrigerators and ranges draw a great deal more energy than their former creations.
An upgrade will not only provide the safety your family needs, but it will also be an easy draw on your budget. Why? Simply because state-of-the-art electric panels run appliances more efficiently.
If you decide to "move it on up", who are you going to call? Any professional electrical contractor will be skilled enough to do the job. He's up on all the current codes and specifications. A word of caution - do NOT attempt to upgrade yourself. You will need an electrical expert to do the job right. Besides, wouldn't it be grand just to sit back with your feet propped up while the highly trained expert does the work? Then you will KNOW it's been done right. This is how you get that peace of mind.
And one of the reasons why it's crucial you hire an expert is due to the fact that much of your home's wiring system is hidden within the walls of the house. They're trained to know where to look so the wiring can be correctly replaced or repaired as needed.
Let's talk about what all of this might cost if you upgrade to 100 amps with a new panel. A rough estimate is between $1,500 and $2,500. If you don't get a brand new panel and just upgrade your existing one, the charge will drop to between $800 to $1,200. Keep in mind these figures may fluctuate according to who you hire.
Updated electric panels provide your home and family with not only a greater degree of service, but they also give that wonderful peace of mind that no one can put a price on.

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