Friday, October 11, 2013

Weatherproof Your Home - Waterproof Electrical Connectors

Do you have a new baby in the house? Worried about your kids spilling water near electrical wires or electronic devices? Setting up Christmas lights and worried about rain or snow? Perhaps it's time to weatherproof your home with waterproof electrical connectors.
Water and electricity are a bad mix. In fact, when they do mix, the results can be seriously damaging. Even deadly. You just can't risk it -especially when you have kids around.
I was always worried about people getting electrocuted in my home. With two toddlers, I kept on imagining water bottles being spilled on electrical appliances and little hands trying to wipe the spill. Also, because of global warming, the weather has been going haywire lately. Gone are the days when you can be a hundred percent sure of rainless weather. In the town where I live, it has rained twice already this season. Being a big fan of outdoor lighting, this posed a problem for me.
How do you weatherproof your home to make sure everyone's safe and sound? Here are some areas you might want to check out to make sure everything's water-resistant: 
  1. Communication Connections - This includes phone lines, cable TV, computers, etc. Make sure all the wires and cables for these networks are waterproof.
  2. Outdoor lighting - This is important. Outdoor lighting systems are susceptible to dew, moisture, rain, etc. Make sure your wiring systems are weatherproof.
  3. Boats and Waterfront properties - If you own one of these, you need definitely need to waterproof them.

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