Friday, July 12, 2013

Keeping Cool During The Summer For Less

If you are anything like me hot summer days can be miserable. It doesn't take very long and you can't stand being inside the house anymore. The problem is, if you got outside it is even worse. So what can you do to keep cool without breaking your budget? We will investigate this together.
If you live in a two story house and it cools off at night, you could leave your upstairs windows open at night. You will want to be sure to close the first thing in the morning. Assuming your house or apartment is insulated well, you might be able to cool your house down a couple of degrees during the day. The other thing you will need to do is close your blinds or drapes in the morning to keep the Sun from warming your home too much.
Next, if you haven't already done so, you could install a ceiling fan, especially in the rooms you will spend your time during the day. Air movement can help you not feel as hot. It is kind of like a gentle breeze outside. Again, if you live in a two story house, set up your home office downstairs or in the basement if you have one. It is always cooler when you are on the bottom floor or if your room is underground since heat rises. The same would be true if you are just hanging out at home. Make sure your room of leisure is in a good place.
If it is still too hot, you might want to consider a portable air conditioning unit. These can cool off decent size spaces. I recommend buying one that will handle a larger area than you need to cool. Plus, with a portable AC unit you can move it with you if you have to switch rooms and you will only be cooling the parts of the house you will be in instead of paying to cool the entire house. If you have some money to invest up front, you might even consider a solar powered AC unit for your entire house. By running on solar energy you will not add to your electric bill every month. The cost to get one of these units will be more up front, but it won't take very long for it to pay for itself. If you use one of these air conditioning units with some of the other techniques listed above you can stay comfortable in your home all day and can enjoy your summer.

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