Thursday, April 25, 2013

adorne: Goodbye Dull, Hello Dazzling

Say goodbye to boring switches and hello to breathtaking design elements with the adorne collection's elegant selection of switches, dimmers, outlets, and accessories.

Monday, April 22, 2013

NFPA Safety Tips - Outdoor Electrical Safety

Lighting to improve the look and safety of our homes, electric tools to make outdoor work easier, and power lines to our home, all need to be handled with care.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Yippie Foundation's Yippie Yogurt Shop Helping Disadvantaged Youth Is Having An Event, Sat Apr 20th 12-2pm


to the Yippie Yogurt® Job Training Center's
Ribbon Cutting Celebration
on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 12noon - 2pm
with Ribbon Cutting at 1pm

There will be FREE small Yummy Yippie Yogurt
for the first 50 customers
Books and Stuffed Animals for the kids;
Face Painting, Cupcake walk, Balloons and More!
Yippie Yogurt® is a true community resource helping our most
disadvantaged youth gain employment skills and work experience.
"We hope you will come!"
Yippie Yogurt® is located at 1955 West Texas Street, #4 in Fairfield (Park in FoodMaxx parking lot).  Yippie Yogurt® is a program of the Yippie Foundation and is a true community resource helping our most disadvantaged youth gain employment skills and work experience.  Hope you will come!  Sponsored in part by Travis Credit Union and Dannon’s YoCream Yogurt.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

adorne: A Recipe for Kitchen Magic

Transform your kitchen with the adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System. The system's modular tracks and flexible components let you hide outlets and switches under the cabinets, letting your beautiful backsplash shine.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

P.I. Plug on the Road: A Visit with Grandma Plug

Private I. Plug visits his grandma's house and helps her identify electrical dangers that are lurking in her home.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Choose an Electrical Contractor When Considering Electrical Upgrades and Repairs

With spring rapidly approaching, many homeowners start thinking about the summer months and their demand for air conditioning and an increase in power usage. When considering any necessary electrical repairs or upgrades, in many cases homeowners decide that they can take care of these issues on their own, without the benefit of a professional. However, you need to make sure that you do a cost-benefit analysis before you decide to do your own air conditioning service, wiring upgrade, or other electric project.
Entrusting your electrical needs to a professional is often the best choice for a number of reasons. Not only can a pro eliminate the possibility of harm to you during the course of the repair or installation, but they can also protect you down the road by reducing the chances of a wiring problem later leading to a house fire. Residential electricians have the training and tools to get the job done right, whether it's an electrical panel upgrade, landscape lighting installation, or air conditioner repair.
While some of these things may sound like projects that you could accomplish on your own, they are, for the most, more part complicated--and more dangerous--than you may think. Not only that, but with the increase in power usage that the summer inevitably brings, it is important to get electrical upgrades and repairs done right the first time. An electrical panel upgrade can help resolve a number of problems with your homes electrical service, including frequently tripped breakers, power fluctuations, and more.
However, electrical panels are not the only thing in need of attention at this time of year. Many appliances that have been sitting unused all winter may now be in need of servicing. Finding the right electrician to provide you with air conditioning service is important, as they may determine whether the hot summer months will be unbearable or pleasantly cool based on their quality of service and overall results.
The addition of extra lighting in or outside your home is also a perfect reason to call in a professional electrical contractor. If you've been considering upgrading your landscaping, you can enhance the overall look of your yard with landscape lighting. Light anything from an entire outdoor patio to the family's favorite tree: whatever your needs, a professional outdoor landscape lighting expert will help you achieve your vision with precision, safety, and all-around expert service.
The spring months do not need to be overwhelmed with home improvement projects involving electrical work. Count on a professional to do the job for you and get the best, safest possible results.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Get To Know Us!

Vacaville Electric is a full service Electrical Contractor based in Vacaville, California. Some of our company specialties include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Service & Maintenance, Design, Lighting and Solar. When you need an electrician, you can count on us. Whether you are a Business Owner, a Contractor, a Property Owner, or a Homeowner, we facilitate the smooth completion of your project. Working well with other trades, we look out for the owner's interests, delivering affordable quality every time. We always welcome new challenges and look forward to working with you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fire Safety and Prevention - Identifying Potential Electrical Hazards

Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives. We cannot see, smell and hear electricity but we know about it by means of what it does. It is a source of power for household appliances and industrial machinery. It is a useful form of energy and serves every home, store, farm and factories all throughout the world.
It is appreciated for the benefits it offers us by providing light and opening our eyes to the world of knowledge through television and the internet. But this enormous power can also pose a danger to us and our properties. This is the reason why you must know how to properly use it and be well-informed on the basic techniques of fire prevention of electrical fires. You must also be equipped with fire fighting equipment like an electrical fire extinguisher.
Fires caused by electricity can be prevented by proper determination of potential hazards in your home and workplaces. It is important that you are vigilant enough to notice possible causes of electrical fires. Being alert and eliminating these hazards is the first step in preventing an electrical fire from erupting. Here are some probable risks you can keep an eye on to prevent a fire from erupting.
Electrical appliances frequently cause fires. There are two major cause of an appliance fire. One reason is moisture coming in contact with the electrical component of the appliance. Another one is that a combustible material is in close contact with a heat emitted by one of the parts of the appliance. Appliances that have high probability of producing fire through moisture are washing machines, and dishwashers while transformers and heaters can cause ignition with close contact with flammable materials.
Household wirings
Wirings inside the house should be installed and frequently checked by a certified electrician. If you notice that your lights are dimming when you are using an appliance, your clothes iron is not heating well enough, and you have frequently blown fuses then these are signs of inadequate wirings. Immediately have your wirings checked and fixed properly.
Appliance and extension cords
Frayed and worn out appliance and extension cords is a definite fire starter. Have this replaced immediately and do not attempt to use the appliance if it is still not fixed. Also make a habit of pulling on the plug not the cord when disconnecting it from a socket.
Workshop tools
Power tools should be stored in a safe and secure place. It should be kept away from flammable liquids and vapors because of the risk of a fire starting.
Besides putting your best effort of avoiding electrical hazards, there is still a possibility of an electrical fire from happening. Keep an electrical fire extinguisher in a place where the fire can begin and install a smoke detector to alarm you of an impending fire. Remember to never use water to put out a fire caused by electricity. Instead of putting it out, water will only spread electricity in nearby areas and further ignite.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

John La Grou plugs smart power outlets John La Grou unveils an ingenious new technology that will smarten up the electrical outlets in our homes, using microprocessors and RFID tags. The invention, Safeplug, promises to prevent deadly accidents like house fires -- and to conserve energy.