Friday, March 8, 2013

Driveway Lights Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Driveway lighting provides added security and safety to the front your home; it makes your home look cozy and welcoming and increases the value if you decide to sell later.
Many homes have spotlight dusk to dawn lights over their garage and that does provide a touch of security however, it does not do much in the way of curb appeal. You want to guide visitors to you door and help keep them off the grass when backing out of the driveway.
Your guests will appreciate the thought; it can be frightening going up to a new house in a neighborhood you have never been in, driveway lights give you and your visitor's peace of mind.
Outdoor light manufactures make stylish solar landscape lighting that lines the edges of the driveway. The benefits are no wires, and no extra light bill, you just push the stakes down in to the ground. Although solar lights are a great choice for some they are dependent on weather and if you live towards the eastern part of the United States, there is not nearly as much sun year round. An alternative is low voltage lighting, the luminosity is much greater with electric lights than with solar.
Another consideration is length of driveway - if your driveway is long enough for two cars then your needs are much different for someone who has an eighty-foot driveway. A pole light at the end of a smaller driveway can add tons of drama to your landscape. To top if off add a matching light fixture outside your door and that may be all you need.
If you have a curved driveway consider adding some brick to the outside of your pavement then place flat lights every so many bricks it looks classy.
If you home is landscaped with plant beds near your driveway you can add lights to the beds this would help break up the look. The key is to add variety to the driveway lighting. If you use the same lighting along your driveway, it could mimic a runway instead. Good placement of lighting would alternate from side to side in a zigzag pattern.
Planning is essential to driveway lights - look through landscape magazines, online, or taking a drive through neighboring communities. You can find plenty of lighting styles to suit the look of your home. Draw up your plan, get some estimates and if you have to work in phases because of budget place the lights where they offer the most protection to your family first.

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