Friday, December 14, 2012

Led Outdoor Lighting - Why Led Solar Lights

Led Outdoor Lighting is becoming more popular today in the residential areas because of the true value the led outdoor lighting tend to bring to a home. LED stand for Light Emitting Diode and what this means is it is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. The advantages of led outdoor lighting far out weights the disadvantages.


Unlike fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs you can place led outdoor lighting in a single direction.
Designs can be created because of the directional lighting that they give out.
Led Outdoor Lighting can be used for gardens, driveways, pathways, decks, and patios.
Makes the house and surroundings look more attractive at night and also adds a sense of security.
Usually led bulbs are able to last up to 50,000 hours
Lights do not attract bugs because there are no infrared or UV radiation


Excessive heat can reduce the led outdoor lighting lifespan and output.

Some other advantages of led outdoor lighting are they save money, energy, they are good for safety reasons because they remain cool to the touch, turn on and off own their own, most are wire free and easy to install.

Led outdoor lighting also give the extra value of being able to see on the outside of the house at night and when you are on the outside of the house there will be light to see in the dark not only that but they bring an overall appearance to a yard.

led solar lights

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