Sunday, July 15, 2012

Decorate with Mobile Device Station

The Mobile Device Station creates a convenient storage location in any room to charge your mobile devices, including smartphones and portable music players.

The Mobile Device Station easily attaches to a receptacle wallplate* and doesn't create any new holes in the wall. It provides a safe and convenient place for storing a phone or portable music player while it is charging. The Mobile Device Station also features integrated cable management to keep charging cables organized and protected from damage.

The Mobile Device Station has a low-profile design that complements the receptacle wallplates in any home or office. Its simple design and installation will make it a must-have for all the portable devices in your home.

Now available for purchase through the Leviton eStore! Buy yours today!

Compatible with most smartphones and MP3 players including iPhone®, iPod Touch®, popular Android™ and Blackberry® devices.

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