Friday, March 2, 2012

LED or Compact Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Fixtures: Weighing Your Options

Deciding on the best kitchen lighting fixtures is a real concern for many people. This is because of the information they get regarding the qualities of different types of lighting fixtures. It can be very confusing for someone trying to make a good decision relating to the best type of lighting fixture to use. Among the popular lighting available, the most confusion is in the decision between LED, and fluorescent kitchen lighting fixtures. The main reason for this confusion is that these two types of fixtures are presented as the most efficient alternatives in terms of energy consumption. However, each one of them seems to have other qualities that a homeowner must look at before settling for any of them.
Compact Fluorescent Lighting For A Kitchen Lighting Fixture?
The fluorescent lamp is not a very new concept in illumination. However, the ones that have been in use are the fluorescent tubes. They have been the most efficient form of indoor lighting for many applications. However, due to their relatively higher installation costs, many people settled for incandescent bulbs. As long as energy prices were low, they worked just fine. In the last few years, a new type of fluorescent bulb- the compact fluorescent light has come into the market. It is designed to fit in the existing lighting fixtures previously used for the incandescent bulbs. They are more efficient and hence they have been marketed as a green option. The main concern with the compact fluorescent lights is that they contain mercury, which is hazardous. They require careful handling both at home and at disposal centers because of the risk of mercury poisoning.
LED Lighting
LED kitchen lighting fixtures are the newest addition to the lighting options. They too have very outstanding efficiency credentials. However there are questions about their reliability because the technology is still in development. There are units which have been developed that can fit in existing fluorescent light fixtures but use much less power.
The choice of the most effective lighting between LED lights and fluorescent lights is really a choice between safety on one hand, and reliability on the other. LED lights are easy to handle and to dispose. They are slightly more expensive to acquire but they also promise a longer operational life when compared to fluorescent lights. On the other hand, fluorescent lamp technology is more stable because it has been polished over time. The two major disadvantages of the lamps are that they need careful handling and in case of breakage, they can cause mercury poisoning in the home. In addition, they are sensitive to power quality hence they can burn out easily under conditions of over or under-voltage, such as during a storm.
In the kitchen or in your home in general, safety should take precedence over anything else because a lapse in safety may result in exposing your family to mercury poisoning. The choice of LED lights seems best because of the elimination of any potential threat that could occur from breaking the bulb or the kitchen lighting fixtures themselves. Of course, this is a rare occurrence but a potentially lethal one nonetheless. It justifies the choice of LED Lights as the best kitchen lighting fixtures.

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