Thursday, April 28, 2011

Electricity as a modern convenience!

The Home Electrical was the name of this film by GE Co.
It promotes all the modern conveniences that were new at that time, which could be useful in the home. I noticed that some of those appliances could be a safety hazard waiting to happen. I looked at the gears by the washing machine and thought of how careful mother would have to be if children were nearby, while she was washing the clothes. The electric cup used for warm shaving lotion could fall in the sink if full of water with the cord plugged in and cause a shock. The electric cigar lighters would not be a safe thing to leave in a house with children, in case they wanted to stick their finger in it. Those were just a few of my thoughts when I watched this film. I wonder if anyone else may have noticed anything.
We are lucky that today the standards of safety have changed when it concerns electrical appliances. It was such a fad at that time people probably never gave it a thought.

This movie was taken from the open source files under CC license and public domain.
I gather it may have been made around 1915 or so.

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