Thursday, February 17, 2011

TEDxTucson Bruce Wright The Solar Zone

[A great video about solar and the near future of its expansion.]

We get a lot of sun in Tucson, a beautiful sunny 350 days of the year! So we're really excited about the new "Solar Zone" that recently got switched on and is providing the electricity for homes that suddenly became a lot greener. Bruce Wright is a national leader in economic development innovation and has made a tremendous contribution to our community. This new project is designed to educate people as well as inspire the adoption of solar power so that we can take better advantage of this abundant resource.

Bruce directs the University of Arizona's Office of University Research Parks where he has recently established the "Solar Zone" to serve as an interdisciplinary and collaborative hub for researchers and industry to develop and promote renewable energy. He also serves as president of the Arizona Center for Innovation, a specialized business incubator designed to meet the dynamic needs of developing technology companies.

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