Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspect Electrical Components With Infrared Imager

Infrared Electrical Inspection is primarily carried out by electrical engineers or certified Thermographers in order to detect potential electrical faults within an operational facility. It can be carried out due to a number of reasons; as a risk management activity, as a preventative measure on any potential technical faults, to increase efficiency and production, and to reduce system outages, costs and monetary losses.

With more technological developments taking place every day electrical systems are becoming highly complex and usually produce or channel high energy levels. This can result in excessive and high temperatures and often affects the areas with short circuits or faulty connections. Being able to detect these problems using a naked eye is very difficult, thus the need arises for an Infrared Electrical Inspection.

In a commercial set up, specific components like bus heads and breaker panels may be investigated during the inspection. Once done, the results are shown in a spreadsheet with the problem areas being presented in what is known as an Infrared Thermograph which basically enables one to see varying degrees in temperatures for each piece of equipment.

Some insurance companies use these inspections to underwrite certain risks in industrial and commercial businesses. Most companies who make use of these inspections do save a lot in terms of maintenance and operational costs, thereby achieving greater profits. This is because they are able to detect any possible failures beforehand as well as defective components so that appropriate action is taken.

Electric equipment can wear out and depreciate with continued use, thus resulting in faulty and poor connections as well as short circuits in some areas. This can lead to catastrophic accidents, defective products, downtime for the operations and unnecessary costs.

Besides reducing potential interruptions, inspections also mean a longer life span of the system which again comes as a great saving. Some companies and most experts recommend that annual inspections are performed. Usually the infrared electrical inspection is incorporated in the preventative maintenance plan of the business, this helps maintain and increase productivity and efficiency. Some companies encourage baseline scans on newly acquired electric machines so that any potential problems are identified as early as possible.

Infrared inspections must be done by trained and certified inspectors to avoid mishaps as faulty installations and miscalculations can result in major catastrophes. The inspectors undergo thorough training and are able to inspect and examine any complicated electrical system and present findings in reports.

With the infrared technology being readily available on the market, Infrared electrical inspection is a great activity to incorporate into your businesses preventative maintenance plan. It will help to identify problems in their initial stages - decreasing downtime, risk of injury and improving the operation of the business.

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