Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wire Cutters - What Are They?

One of the handiest tools to have around the home or work place is the wire cutters. These tools are classified as hand-tools used to cut wires made from silver, copper or gold-filled. The type of cutter depends on the blade configuration so there are flush cutters, bevel cutters, end cutters and diagonal cutters. The wire cutter can also be categorized according to its use like the cable or bolt cutters.

Wire cutters are mostly used in jewelry making and those who are doing crafts using wires. There is no better tool than a wire cutter to do precision cutting without damaging what one is doing as well as reach small crevices. In jewelry making, this tool is used to cut specific lengths to make various designs or to trim excess wire. Flush wire cutters are needed when trimming is made as close to whatever piece is worked on. This makes the wire as flat as possible rather than pinched or pointed at the end. Bezel cutters leave a larger pinch on the end of the wire and have its own purpose. End cutters cut off the end of a wire closely but they can only trim wire that is fairly short.

Below are some guidelines when selecting a wire cutter:

o The best type is the flush wire cutters. Though more expensive than the other types, it can be more useful for jewelry making and other hobbyists.
o A wire cutter with spring handle will help lessen hand fatigue.
o It would be good to have different types of wire cutters. Flush-cut pair for smaller diameters and a pair that can handle thicker wires.
o Quality is important for jewelry making thus it is important to have a wire cutter that is reliable and suited for the particular task.

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