Thursday, December 2, 2010

Using Magnetism For Cheap and Clean Electricity

Latest advancement in the world of Science and Technology has provided us with many gadgets and appliances to make out work easier. Although these inventions have made our lives greatly convenience it has also made us greatly dependent on Electric energy, commonly called Electricity. As time passes, we are becoming more and more reliant on it to get our daily work done.

In today's modern times, Electric power has becomes a commodity. The monthly billing from electric company is sometimes becomes overkill. Nevertheless, we have becomes leisured with this convenience that we can't imagine living without, no matter what the price. Fortunately, we don't have to.

The basic idea of generator is to convert one forms of energy (magnetic energy in this case) into another form (electric energy in this case). Magnetic generators exploit the natural phenomena of attraction and repulsion between poles to create motion and hence energy. The exact quantity of electricity produced in a magnetic generator depends on the construction and specifications of the generator. Let's have a look:

A magnetic generator uses the fact that the opposite poles of a magnet attract each other while similar poles repel. A magnet generator uses a combination of various magnets to create energy from their motion. This energy is then channeled into electricity and thus can be used to power electric appliance. As mentioned before, the efficiency of such a device depends on the specification and design of the magnet. If anyone of the magnet fails or malfunctions, the process stops. Until that time you can continuously produce electricity.

Now, over-enthusiasts need to take a pause to consider budget issues. In order to construct a magnetic generator you have invest in buying magnets. Magnets are the biggest investment in this project as the efficiency of the generator depends greatly on the quality of magnets. Magnets can be bought from a hardware store or they can be custom made directly from a factory. But all this is one time investment, because once your generator is up and running, you can generate free energy.

Magnetic generator is also environmental friendly as it produces 100% clean and green energy like solar energy or wind energy. Secondly, it's sustainable, more efficient and does not depend on external factor like wind in a wind generator or sun light as in a solar panel. It also cuts your energy bill by a substantial amount.

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