Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Effects Commercial Lighting Has on Mood, Productivity and Sales

A good commercial lighting system can make a big difference in any business. Studies have found that a properly installed commercial or industrial lighting system can enhance the moods of employees and customers, improve employee productivity, and even increase sales in a retail business or restaurant. Because of this, it's vital that the people responsible for purchasing commercial lighting systems know just what products to buy for their specific business.

The Effect Industrial Lighting Has On Customers' and Employees' Moods

It's been proven that bright lights affect a person's mood. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) commonly occurs in the winter or in grey, rainy climates and leads to depression. SAD is counter-acted using light therapy, using a special, bright light. Although not everyone suffers from SAD, the theory of light therapy is the same. Brighter industrial lighting subconsciously helps to improve the moods of both customers and employees.

How Commercial Lighting Effects Productivity

Dim lighting encourages the body to create melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps people sleep. Because of this, it's important for industrial settings like factories and plants to keep employee work stations well-lit, especially if workers are performing repetitive tasks.

A study published in the May/June 1995 issue of Solar Today found that one company, Lockheed, saved $500,000 a year in energy costs by upgrading its industrial lighting system. What the company didn't expect was a 15% increase in employees' productivity and a 15% reduction in absenteeism. Yet another company, West Bend Mutual, increased productivity by 16%, which reducing its energy bill by 40%. In both cases, simply updating the industrial lighting saved the companies thousands of dollars in energy costs and increased productivity.

Individual employees may appreciate different brightness levels at their own work stations. When possible, employers should allow workers to customize the brightness level using individual work station dimmers or lamps.

Properly Placed Commercial Lighting Increases Sales

Savvy store and restaurant managers know that the right lighting can create sales - it's a simple fact of the retail and restaurant business. Properly placed lighting at the correct wattage can make products pop and improve the appearance. From cosmetics to clothing to food, lighting sets the ambiance and can encourage people to spend more.

Products like cosmetics and fine jewelry need to have commercial lighting that's specially tailored. Customers expect to be able to see the unique shade variations in these products in order to make an informed purchase. Clothing displays can be lighted many different ways to enhance the look of the clothing.
Restaurants need to specialize commercial lighting systems based on the type of restaurant. For instance, a family-friendly chain or fast food eatery should be better lit than a fancy restaurant that caters to couples seeking a romantic meal. Many restaurants have the interior lighting on a dimmer switch that allows the manager to dim the lights as the evening goes on. This encourages customers to spend more in cocktails, which greatly increases the restaurant's sales figures.

Commercial or industrial lighting is vitally important to all companies so it's something that should be researched for an entire lighting system is purchased. The right type of lighting system can help improve customers' and employees' moods, increase productivity and increase sales all with a simple industrial lighting upgrade. The cost of installing the commercial lighting will likely quickly pay for itself.

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